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The following Frequently Asked Questions shed some light on the overall quality and precision found in every Simply Stainless product.

  1. What materials are used in the construction of Simply Stainless?

Only the highest grade and quality stainless steel components are used in the construction of Simply Stainless. A proprietary high-quality food-grade stainless steel is used for all worktops, legs, under shelves and feet. The legs are made from 38mm, 1.2 gauge round tube with a polished finish utilising machined collars to suit. All of our stainless steel product is manufactured exclusively in an ISO9001-2015 steel fabrication factory. If you need high quality and high volume bespoke fabrication please see our OEM capabilities.

  1. What gauge and finish of stainless steel is used?

Worktops and undershelves are all 1.2mm thick stainless steel with a No. 4 brushed finish. By utilising a 1.2mm gauge in all construction (including the undershelves) our system provides strength and durability. Using the same gauge throughout construction is not an industry norm. However, we at Simply Stainless know, that in doing so, it will make a massive difference for you in the longevity of your product and ensure you are receiving the best value stainless steel kitchen product.

  1. What stiffening or reinforcement is used under the worktops?

A 3mm zincanneal core is fixed to the underside of the standard stainless steel work tables, which is then coated with a marine grade protective paint. For sink units, we use a 1.2mm stainless steel reinforcing channel, which ensures that units in wet areas are a full stainless steel construction.

  1. What do you mean by a modular system?

Our stainless steel modular range has been designed to specific sizes (300mm increments) that enable the user to build a fully fabricated functional kitchen with ease and minimal fuss. We’ve done all the work for you – with access to all our BIM drawing files and product data online, you can incorporate Simply Stainless modules into your design process to help and determine what product works best for your project. Click on your respective industry to see how we can help you – architect, builder, dealer, designer or restaurant owner.

  1. What is your designer tool and what are BIM models?

We provide both systems as a service to our customers that go above and beyond the physical product. Our free Designer tool allows you to design the most practical commercial kitchen possible to suit your requirements with minimal design experience. If you’re looking to incorporate the Simply Stainless system into your design, we have provided you with the full range of drawing files in BIM format (Revit). Click here to access our free BIM modules. You may also be interested in our full range of DWG. and SKP. files (AutoCAD, SolidWorks, SketchUp).

  1. What is your delivery process and how is product shipped?

If desired, our partners are able to facilitate next day delivery. Our distribution network consists of partners all over the world, so our stainless steel supply will be shipped to you from your nearest distributor. Depending on the product you buy, it may need assembly once received. Our flat packed delivery ensures a simple build using detailed step-by-step instructions, with no required tools, as they are all provided. This facilitates easy installation. Scroll down to this page to see a video showcasing how to assemble a work table for reference.

  1. Why would I purchase from you?

We pride ourselves on the Quality, Availability and Value of our modular range. Think of your simply stainless purchase as an investment in unparalleled quality stainless steel product. In turn, we invest in you, by offering a guaranteed lifetime warranty with your purchase. We are confident that the Simply Stainless system reflects the value, integrity, and professional finish of our stainless steel product.

  1. What warranty is offered?

We are one of very few companies in the industry that offer Lifetime Warranty on all our standard Simply Stainless commercial kitchen equipment (some conditions apply).

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