3D Bar Designer

As part of our commitment to providing the best service possible, we have created a free to use Simply Bar Design Tool. No software is required to download - use the program directly from your web browser on your PC, or any device.

You don’t need any drafting or design experience to use the viewer, that’s the beauty of the system.

3D Bar Designer Key Features:

  • The full range of modular bar product is available to include in your design.
  • You can include as many components/modules as required to ensure you get the outcome you desire.
  • The viewer gives you complete freedom to move the camera around the canvas, enabling you to look at each product in incredible detail.
  • Our zooming function ensures you can position the module exactly where it is required.
  • You can save your design to access it later, print it or send the completed design off to your closest distributor for a price.