Undeniably the international hospitality industry’s leading modular stainless steel brand

Who are we?

Simply Stainless is a global brand that specialises in the innovative design, manufacture and distribution of quality stainless steel modular systems.

Our underlying philosophy is based around the principles of QAV – Quality, Availability, Value. These fundamentals drive us to provide an unparalleled product and service in the global stainless steel market.

We manufacture using the principles of 5S – Sort, Set, Shine, Standardise, Sustain – helping us to achieve high levels of quality and workmanship in our product. We are also a fully accredited ISO9001 factory.

Simply Stainless was formed in 1997 originally to service the burgeoning hospitality market in South East Asia. Over the years we have increased our range of products and expanded sales across the globe. Simply Stainless is undeniably the leading modular stainless steel brand in Australia and New Zealand and is also currently being distributed in the UK, UAE, South Africa, PNG, Thailand, Indonesia and other areas of South East Asia. Simply Stainless has many marquee international customers including Kellogs USA, Costa Coffee, Pret-A-Manger and Coles Supermarkets. At present, we supply to over 20 countries and territories around the world and have been specified into major hotel chains, large mining camps, education facilities and much more.

Simply Stainless is also involved in the design, manufacture and supply of OEM fabricated solutions for our international marque customers around the world. This includes the fabrication of their back of house and front of house requirements. Click here if you would like further information on this and other opportunities that may be available to you outside of our standard range of modular solutions.

Our vision is quite simple:

To be a globally recognised brand that is famous for innovative, high quality, competitively priced stainless steel modular products that are:

Simple to buy,
Simple to ship,
Simple to store,
Simple to sell,
Simple to install.


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