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Full Simply Stainless Product Brochure - Available as information and sales tool
Carton Size, Weights and Load Bearing - Maximum weight bearing per unit & shipping weight
Cleaning Instructions - Important as may effect warranty
Lifetime Warranty - Simply Stainless Certificate of Warranty
Studweld Position - Stud position under worktop for drawers
Upstand Vermin Seal - Unique system to prevent vermin and bacteria buildup
Max and Min Bench Height Adjustment - Height adjustment using standard feet or extra-long feet
Certificate of Sustainability - Steps Simply Stainless is taking to reduce our carbon footprint

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1 - Work Bench

Stainless steel work bench

Work BenchINFO

2 - Work Bench With Splash Back

Work Bench with Splash Back (Includes Low Height Mixer Stand)

Work Bench With Splash BackINFO

3 - Work Bench - Mobile

Stainless Steel Mobile Bench

Work Bench - MobileINFO

4 - Corner Bench With Splash Back

Stainless Steel corner bench with splash back

Corner Bench With Splash BackINFO

5 - Sink Bench With Splash Back

Sink bench with splash back

Sink Bench With Splash BackINFO

6 - Double Sink Bench With Splashback

Stainless Steel double sink bench with splash back.

Double Sink Bench With SplashbackINFO

7 - Dish Wash Outlet Bench

Stainless Steel Dishwasher Outlet Bench

Dish Wash Outlet BenchINFO

8 - Dish Wash Inlet Bench With Sink

Dishwasher Inlet Bench with Sink

Dish Wash Inlet Bench With SinkINFO

9 - Double Bowl Dishwash Inlet

Double Bowl Dishwasher Inlet Sink

Double Bowl Dishwash InletINFO

12 - Bench Overshelf

Stainless Steel bench overshelf

Bench OvershelfINFO

13 - Double Bench Overshelf

Double bench overshelf

Double Bench OvershelfINFO

14 - 2 Tier Trolley

Two tier Stainless Steel trolley.

2 Tier TrolleyINFO

15 - 3 Tier Trolley

Three tier trolley

3 Tier TrolleyINFO

16 - Bakery Trolley

Bakery Tray Trolley - Imperial and Metric Available

Bakery TrolleyINFO

16 - Mobile Gastronorm Rack Trolley

Mobile Gastronorm Rack Trolley

Mobile Gastronorm Rack TrolleyINFO

17 - Defrost Shelf 4 Tier

Defrost Rack with Pitched Shelves and Drainage

Defrost Shelf 4 TierINFO

17 - Adj. Storage Shelving 4 Tier

Adjustable 4-tier shelving

Adj. Storage Shelving 4 TierINFO

18 - Salamander Bench

Generic Salamander Bench

Salamander BenchINFO

19 - Stainless Steel Drawer

Stainless Steel Drawer

Stainless Steel DrawerINFO

19 - GN Drawer

GN Drawer to Accept 1/1 Gastronorm Dish to 150mm deep (Dish not Included)


20 - Sink Bowl Cover

To suite sink bowl 450mm x 450mm x 300 deep (Sink table not included)

Sink Bowl CoverINFO

21 - Undershelf

Undershelf (to suit 600 & 700 series)


22 - Stainless Steel Leg Brace

Leg Brace (05-6-1800 + 05-6-2100 Centre Bowls require the C TYPE)

Stainless Steel Leg BraceINFO

23 - Stone Top Bench

Stone topped benches black pearl and dolamite white

Stone Top BenchINFO

24 - Triple Bowl Sink With Upstand

Triple bowl Sink Bench with 3 x 450mm x 450mm x 300mm deep Bowls

Triple Bowl Sink With UpstandINFO

26 - Ingredient Bins

Stainless Steel Ingredient Bin

Ingredient BinsINFO

27 - Combi Stands

Combi and Oven Stands for Electrolux, Rationale, Turbofan & Convotherm

Combi StandsINFO

28 - Microwave / Appliance Shelf

Stainless Steel Microwave Shelf

Microwave  / Appliance ShelfINFO

29 - Wall Cupboards

Stainless Steel Wall Cupboard

Wall CupboardsINFO

30 - Vet Cage

Stainless Steel Vet Cage with 9 Lockable Compartments

Vet CageINFO

31 - Blue Seal/Waldorf Infill Bench

Infill Tables to suit Waldorf and Blue Seal Equipment

Blue Seal/Waldorf Infill BenchINFO

32 - Door Panel Kit

Fully Enclosed Door Panel Kit to suit product number 01,02,03,05,06

Door Panel KitINFO

32 - Door Panel Kit Mid Shelf

Mid Shelf to suit Door Panel Kit (all sizes available)

Door Panel Kit Mid ShelfINFO

32 - Counter Conversion Kit

Counter Conversion Kit to suit product number 01,02,03,05,06

Counter Conversion KitINFO

33 - Stainless Steel Bollard

Stainless Steel Bollard

Stainless Steel BollardINFO

35 - Gastronorm Dish Cassette

To Accept 1/1 Gastronorm Dish (Bench & Dish not included)

Gastronorm Dish CassetteINFO

36 - Dishwash Basket Cassette

Dishwasher Basket Cassette to suit 500 x 500 Basket

Dishwash Basket CassetteINFO

36 - Undercounter Glass Rack

Stainless Steel Glass wash basket rack

Undercounter Glass RackINFO

36 - Dishwash Basket Stand

Stainless Steel Dishwash Basket Rack

Dishwash Basket StandINFO

36 - Mobile Dishwasher Basket Trolley

Stainless Steel Mobile DW Basket Trolley

Mobile Dishwasher Basket TrolleyINFO

37 - Dish wash Entry/Exit bench

Dish Wash Entry/Exit bench to suit 1 basket (Dishwasher not included)

Dish wash Entry/Exit benchINFO

38 - Folding Table

Folding Table ideal for events

Folding TableINFO

39 - 90MM Sink Waste & Basket

90MM Watermark Approved Sink Waste & Basket (50mm BSP Thread)

90MM Sink Waste & BasketINFO

40 - Waiters Station

Stainless Steel waiters station

Waiters StationINFO

41 - Ice Well

Drop in Ice Wells for Bar Applications

Ice WellINFO

42 - Coffee Station

Stainless Steel Coffee Station

Coffee StationINFO

137 - Accessories

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