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Modular Bar Solutions

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For specification and further detail on each of our products, please click to download drawings and data sheets available within each product category below.

Full Simply Stainless Product Brochure - Available as information and sales tool
Carton Size and Weights List - Maximum weight bearing per unit & shipping weight
Cleaning Instructions - Important as may effect warranty
Lifetime Warranty - Simply Stainless Certificate of Warranty
Installation instructions - Glass Rinser installation instructions
Certificate of Sustainability - Steps Simply Stainless is taking to reduce our carbon footprint


Single Bar Modules

Stainless Steel Single Bar Module

Single Bar ModulesINFO

Mobile Bar Modules

Mobile Bar Modules

Mobile Bar ModulesINFO

Bar Module Coffee Bench

Coffee Bench Bar Module

Bar Module Coffee BenchINFO

Basket Rack

Stainless Steel Single Bar Basket Rack Module

Basket RackINFO

Blender Stations

Blender Station

Blender StationsINFO

Corner Infill

Corner Infill

Corner InfillINFO

Cocktail Stations

Cocktail Station

Cocktail StationsINFO

Beer Stations

Beer Station

Beer StationsINFO

Counter Top Beer Stations

Counter Top Beer Station

Counter Top Beer StationsINFO

Drop in Beer Stations

Drop in Beer Stations

Drop in Beer StationsINFO

Glass Rinser

Glass Rinser

Glass RinserINFO

Drip Trays

Drip Trays

Drip TraysINFO


Stainless Steel Sinks


Speed racks

Speed Racks

Speed racksINFO

End Panel Kits

End Panel Kits

End Panel KitsINFO


Stainless Steel Undershelves


Undercounter Glass Rack

Stainless Steel Glass wash basket rack

Undercounter Glass RackINFO

Dishwash Basket Stand

Stainless Steel Dishwash Basket Rack

Dishwash Basket StandINFO

Ice Well

Drop in Ice Wells for Bar Applications

Ice WellINFO