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stainless steel work tables

Project Name: 8 On The Point

Location: 306 Riverside Dr, East Perth WA 6004

Scope of Work:  8 On The Point desired to establish themselves as the premium Asian restaurant in Australia.  With limited kitchen space, due to location of the venue (Point Fraser East Perth), they needed a quick turnaround modular stainless steel solution to suit a restricted floor plan.  By providing next day delivery, ease of access and installation, and quality construction we were able to help them achieve this vision.

Product RequiredPipe wall shelves, double bench over shelves, infill benches, etc.

work tables

Project Name: Deli Italia

Location: 68 Attfield Street, Maddington WA 6109

Scope of Work:  Deli Italia is a European small goods retailer specialising in delicious, fresh Italian produce.  The deli required heavy duty work tabling system to handle the weight and operation of substantial meat slicing equipment.  Given our standard 1.2mm gauge used throughout all construction of Simply Stainless product, in addition to the 3mm zinc anneal core found within all of our stainless steel work tables, the required work table strength for this project was all but guaranteed.

Product RequiredDoor panel kits, work tables, dish wash inlet bench with sinkleg braces, wall shelves, etc.

work tables

Project Name: Reabold Tennis Club

Location: Howtree Place & Oceanic Drive, Floreat WA 6014

Scope of Work: Reabold Tennis Club wanted to modernise their existing domestic kitchen environment into a fully functioning commercial kitchen to keep up with the rapid increase of output and volume required as the number of club members grew.  We wanted to ensure that they remained in line with Australian food and safety standards and therefore needed to replace existing wooden and melamine preparation areas with commercial grade stainless steel.

Product Required: Work tables, mobile work benches, stainless steel drawer systems, door panel kits, island tables, complete wash up station, wall shelveswall cupboards, etc.

stainless steel work tables

Project Name: Jimblebar Mine

Location: Pilbara, Western Australia

Scope of Work:  The Jimblebar Mine project consisted of the establishment and construction of a 2000-man work camp in the northwest of Australia, approximately 1500km from Perth.  Rural location and harsh weather environments required the installation of high quality durable equipment.  Given the modular nature our system, the high stock levels available, and the ease of assembly and transport, our range was perfect for such a remote project.   

Product Required: Wall tables, island tables, sink units, wall shelves, gantries, tier trolleys, cabinet fixing brackets, granite benches, stainless steel drawer systems, combi oven stands, etc.